Family - At Home With Anne, Dan, and Archer

I think I said it best in my Instagram post. So here's a copy and paste with a little addition or two. 

Anne was the physio for our volleyball program since the beginning of time. She is beyond wonderful. She always listened to me over analyze everything. Then she calmed me down. Then she fixed my body. Then the cycle repeated. Until that one time her and Dan created this perfect little human and her child became more of a priority than my hip strength. Haha. But seriously. This kid is perfection. Welcome to the world baby Archer. You are oh so loved. 🖤

Lauren - Edmonton Boudoir

Lauren and I met this past summer in school. That's it. We met. Talked. Became friends. She heard I did boudoir or saw me working on it in class one day haha. We planned a shoot. And then we shot. At 6:30am. Bam. Here it is. Enjoy <3 <3